A Review Of The Effexis Achieve Planner, A Time Management Program

loading frame view website You can keep track of your jobs and manage your time better with the aid of Effexis Achieve Planner. It isn’t really without any downsides, however. The irony is that this software comes with so many features that you can’t really schedule an hour or two out of your day to learn the program. The support is quite good, and you have access to a forum where other members will answer any of your questions so this helps when it comes to learning the ropes. Another downside is the cost of the software program. The Achieve Planner software costs around $80, and Effexis also tries to sell you a much larger package, called Achieve Productivity Suite for an additional $20. It’s an excellent software, so it’s worth the price, but it is not the least expensive program you can find.