Visit Borneo To View The Highlights Of The Island, Throughout Your Trip

Tanjung Puting is known to be the natural wonder of the globe. You will be stimulated completely by the candidness of night-sky with astonishing sights of the Milky Way, purity of air, dignity and magnificence of orangutans, the clarity of luminous crimson sunsets and rumbling downpours which immediately cools the air. Tanjung Puting is considered to be the most diverse and largest natural reserves in the southern Borneo. This natural reserve is enclosed diversified varieties of lowland habitats. This national park is divided into three zones such as utilization zone, supporting or buffer zone and nucleus zone. In the interior part of the park, plenty of animals and plants are found and they are not open for visitors until they avail special permit. This innermost zone is known to be the nucleus zone and only researchers, authorities or national park is permitted inside. The second zone is a buffer zone as visitors can visit this zone through available path. The final zone is the utilization zone, which is kept open for visitors.

In this national park, you can visit tremendous varieties of trees such as Keruing, Meranti, Jelutung, Ramin, Kayu Besi and Ramin. In addition to these trees, the visitors can also view some unique plant species like Pandans, Bakung, Nipah and many others on the riverside. Tanjung Putting is also enriched with wide ranges of wildlife animals like Orangutans, Proboscis monkeys, birds like myna, oriental darter, horn bills, kingfishers and many other bird species. Among them, Orangutan Conservation is known to be the world-famous species which create the national park extremely visible to the travelers. This park is known to be the third largest rainforest in the location of Borneo. It is the protected area with vast mature tropical health, lowland, swamp forests, tract of wetlands and many more highlights. If you plan for a trip to Borneo, you will never miss to see this national park with a wide range of flora and fauna.