Halloween Carnival Game Ideas

Bean Bag Toss

You can use plywood or cardboard to paint a scene or a jack-o-lantern. Using three bean bags, each player must try to get one through one of the holes in the board. For those that do, they get a special prize. If you would prefer to buy a game already made, there are a variety of games available across the web for under $30 in a variety of themes, including Halloween themes.

Knock Down Cans

This is a classic game for carnivals. Simply stack cans into a pyramid and have the players use a ball or bean bag to try to knock them halloween gowns all down. Each player get three chances. Have prizes handy, including special prizes for those who knock them all down with one throw.

Duck/Can Shoot

Kids of all ages love to take a turn at this game. You can purchase one at Amazon.com anywhere from $30.00 to $150.00 depending upon the features you want and the size of the game. You could also build your own by using Nerf guns and decorating cans with a Halloween theme.

Balloon Dart Throw

This is a game that must be monitored for safety reason, but kids and adults love this game. Blow up several balloons and attach them to a large board or plywood. Hand the player three darts and have them try to pop as many balloons as possible. Prize level ideas include, prizes by color or how many balloons they pop.

Shoot the Candles

Set up votive candles in small dishes with water. Have each player stand behind the designated line and use a water gun to try putting out each candle. Because of the flame, this game needs adult supervision at all times.

Penny Drop

Use a bottle or a can and have each player stand on a step stool. Have them try to drop pennies inside the can or bottle. This is easier said than done. For those get pennies inside the container, you could give them a special prize.

Toilet Paper Toss

To set up this game, use a cardboard box with a hole cut out at the top. Attach another piece of cardboard as a backboard. You can paint and decorate the cardboard frame. Then attach an used toilet seat to the top of the hole. Each player must get a roll of toilet paper in the "toilet" to get a prize. To keep the toilet paper roll from unrolling, use masking tape to tape around each roll.