Cat Litter Disposal - Is Cat Litter Flushable?

Pine cat litter is a single of the newer litters on the market place. As opposed to conventional clay or even more recent clumping litters, pine litter has its possess inherent odor handle since of the all-natural odor-killing qualities of pine. For that reason, it has become well-liked with cat house owners because it drastically reduces box odor inside of the property.

Several folks at first are set off by the expense. And, as compared to the clumping range, it's probably roughly twice the value by quantity. However, it works by utilizing pine pellets that are compressed wooden, and as these pellets get moist, they switch into sawdust. This sawdust itself can then in fact take up even much more liquid. As a result, per use, it really is about as value-powerful as far more classic varieties.

What is the correct approach of cat litter disposal? If your cat is not litter trained, the reply is easy - clear up the poop with tissue paper and flush it, mop up the pee with far more tissue paper and flush it. But what do you do soon after your cat does its enterprise in the litter box? Can you still get rid of it the identical way - is the cat litter flushable?

That is dependent on whether it is pee or feces, and what variety of cat litter you are making use of. If you use sand for your cat's litter box, you should not flush it. Even however not considerably sand will stick to the cat poop, your toilet will choke up in the prolonged operate. The identical goes for the other two primary sorts of litter: clay cat litter and clumping cat litter. The plumber's bill to unclog your pipes will bankrupt you.

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