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But this condition exists under local rule only. Backspin: When the ball rotates backward (towards the player)in flight along its horizontal axis, it is called the backspin. Pink Lady: Pink Lady is also known as Money Ball, Lone Ranger, Pink Ball or Yellow Ball. This formula provides golfers with an adequate supply of carbohydrates to fuel their working muscles. The act of carrying a golf bag over one shoulder can twist the back and put a lot of stress on those all important muscles needed when teeing off. Las Vegas Golf Adventures is one online stop that brings numerous golf packages to the avid golfers so that they can enjoy the sport they love and also have a relaxing holiday too, far from the maddening crowd and hustle-bustle. Weekend Hacker: Hacker is a bad golfer and add weekend to it, means weekend hacker, that is a golfer who plays just on weekends, which means he or she does not play or practice enough to increase the level of their game. Ball in Play: This just means that the ball has not been holed and you are still having a go at it. Ten years down the line, Pecanwood Estate has developed into the five-star estate the developers envisioned it should be, and now all owners and members involved in the estate share the aim of maintaining and improving on what has been created. Hosel Rocket: A slang term for shank, hosel rocket is a kind of shot where the hosel is the point of contact between the golf ball and the golf club. In his opinion, the disparity is mainly manifested in two aspects; one is the level of training, the other is the personal quality. This will accomplish the same thing. Lie: Lie refers, firstly incontri adulti to the stationary condition of a golf ball. It is advisable to have both types of bags because the rules of each golf course are different and you will have to use the bag accordingly.