Control Room Consoles And Work Flow

People will often say that American manufacturing is on the ropes. And I admit that the picture hasn't been rosy for many manufacturing sectors. However, there are other areas of the American industrial landscape that should inspire our confidence. One such sector in particular is control room furniture manufacturing.

command consoles

Why look at affordable noc furniture, you might ask? The first thing you should know is that furniture is categorized as a durable good. As you may be aware, durable goods are indicative of the health of an economy. Corporations and such buy more of these long-lasting goods relative to their confidence in the economy. Conversely, pessimism about the economy will lead to less orders for durable goods. Put another way, if people are buying items meant to last, they are confident in the national economy for the life of that item. More immediately, there is a strong relationship between durable goods and gross domestic product.

In these terms, here is some good news. This April shows a thirteen percent increase in furniture factory orders over the same month last year. There is a reason for comparing orders year-to-year rather than month-to-month; month-to-month is much more volatile. In addition, shipments were up 12% and order backlogs were over by 13%. Looking at a four month chunk, orders were five percent over the same four month chunk last year. These are significant numbers. Take into account that overall, durable goods orders vary by less than one percent most years.

I should mention that the numbers above are for the residential furniture sector. I have reason to think that these numbers are reflective of the wider industry and therefore applicable to the control room furniture sector as well. Shipments of durable goods on the consumer side are factored into GDP. We see that shipments in that sector were up 6% in the first four months of this year.

These numbers suggest that American industry is alive and growing. Actually, it seems to be growing as well or better than ever, if one focuses on specific niche markets like control room furniture. This growth is attributable to American companies like Inracks in Buffalo, NY who have remained committed to the ideal of Made in the USA.