My Journey from Krakow to Prague

Krakow is one of the biggest polish cities that dates back to the 7th century. It is the fact that Krakow used to be the capital of the country from 1038 to 1569.

Krakow lies in the region of Malopolska, which is located in southern Poland. Krakow can be easily reached by air, rail and bus.

Travel in elegance and style

Join the growing group of discerning travelers who are turning away from air travel and instead taking railway holidays in Krakow in order to see more of the great continent at a leisurely pace - and in true style. It's easy to forget you're on a train as you relax in your comfortable bed or enjoy freshly prepared meals by highly qualified chefs in upmarket surrounds. You can then relax in the lounge car (complete with piano), where private taxi from Krakow to Prague you'll be able to admire the views of the passing landscape, rather than waiting in line at airport security, being jostled by other travelers and struggling with your luggage and get private taxi from Krakow to Prague.

Transfer from Krakow to Prague

Our company noticed a strong connection between these two wonderful and different cities. We are willing to give an opportunity to travel from Krakow to Prague with the best pace and the most comfotable conditions. We suggest taking our Krakow to Prague bus, if you are traveling with larger group, or smaller, comfortable, luxury car, both with experienced, english speaking driver. It is great choice, because everyone is able to afford the ticket. In our bus you will enjoy not only the ride but also snacks and reading magazines.

Private taxi from Krakow to Prague

Our service also includes Krakow to Prague private driver. This offer is dedicated to people who belive that their comfort and freedom is the most important. Our chauffeurs have flexible schedules and you can be sure that we will make our best to satisfy your needs connected with travel. We guarantee that our high quality cars will give you the pleasure of ride and very good experience. Taxi is the easiest and the airport has official taxis standing outside the terminal that can take you into the city for a flat rate of 69PLN or 89PLN. You can also order a city taxi to pick you up and the fare will be slightly lower.