Do you really want to win seal XG Guitar

 Do you really want to win seal XG Guitar, a Fly Queen and King of all Chicken? Now you can acess.Requirements:In buy to win awards, you must fulfill daily playtime requirements. What is more, collect complete stacks of the specified falls. There is a unique award for the top 50 players with Fifa 16 Coins the most fun time during the event.


PLUS there will be 2 uncommon animals given out to unique players that finish all requirements!First, Log in all 6 times from 12/11 to 12/16 and have a finish of at least 50 duration of action.Second, Search and collect finish lots of 300 for each of the following monster falls.


Last, You must have the finish a lot in your problem for the 12/17 maintenance! They will be consumed by the GM Employees in come back for the prize!Deadline: 12/11-12/16 Would you like this Cheap Fifa 16 Coins christmas event for you? Give us here.