We have won some big games

With us getting extra recovery with the cup game being on the Tuesday, it has helped us in terms of Saturday's game,' he says.It's something I have to consider, though. It's as much about the subs as anything else, bringing things off the bench to give us some energy.We have players who can come in and keep us fresh and are available to play.Tuesday's rocket-fuelled performance at the Stadium of Light suggests the Blues have plenty of energy yet - and Moyes was happy to reflect on it briefly once more, before turning to the Baggies today.I haven't watched Tuesday's game again, only some highlights,' he says.But I think that's as good as we have had Buy Fifa 16 Coins .

We reached a level we haven't seen for a long time.I don't think there was one Everton player who didn't play well and normally that doesn't always happen. I thought the players were excellent.I've always thought we had a good group of players, but we were short of forward players and creativity. Other parts of the team were fine.Magaye Gueye came in and did a really good job, Steven Pienaar can't play in the Cup but in the league he has given us more creativity.And Jelavic has made a big difference, he has given everybody a feeling that we could score in every game  at the start of the season that wasn't the case.

We have won some big games and I still didn't think we had played as well as I'd have liked but the last couple of games I've been pleased I could say lsquo;I'm having a bit of that'.From that point of view I have enjoyed the performances. When you're a manager and you work and don't get many results, and have to come and explain how it didn't go so well to the media, it's difficult.You put in the work and the hours to try to get the results and I am not putting in any more work now than 12 weeks ago.But if you don't get the results or the players are not performing then that is why you see me a bit miserable quite often because I want us to do well Cheap Fifa 16 Coins .