Sign Maker

Vinyl Signs

The Screen Settings allow you to Put In your Store and a title, see your Shop URL, or change it, make adjustments to your own Store Symbol, and Include/Modify your Store Outline.

Shop Title: Give your Store an excellent name which comprises that which you market. Such As World of Warcraft TCG - loot cards, spectral etc.

Store Symbol: Select a symbol from your own Computer, input a URL, or select an e bay one that is basic for the shop. Size should be 310*90 pixels.

Shop Outline: Do not set something like "Welcome to our store, enjoy your visit". Be sudden, clarify exactly what you promote for what things you sell as this may help by means of your Search Motor Positioning on websites such as Yahoo!, Google and lots more, and utilize key words. This could bring-you prospective customers to all of your things on a huge size in the event the right keywords are mentioned.


The Theme and Screen section allows you modify Left Navigation Bar settings, to change your store theme, and make developments to the Store Header Display. It also lets you improve the way things are recorded on your own shopfront.

Shop Theme: Choose a motif from In the event you are intending on customising a topic for later, and creating a custom concept, this area doesn't actually matter. Just pick something that suits the colours of your things somehow, and looks fine.

Left Nav Bar Settings: Decide to show your Search Box, Select which classes to show, and Select to reveal Shop Pages and Buyer Screen choices.

Shop Headlines Screen: Flip the Store Site Header on. (Turn this off if you are going to develop a custom shop. We are making our very own), and pick which sort of e bay headlines displays. You can just alter this using a superior store.

Piece Display: Select whether to show your items in your shop as a listing, or in a Gallery View. I would suggest gallery view, as it looks nicer, and resembles an internet shop.


Promotion Boxes let you put little parts of advice on your store in places that are different. These might incorporate a small part of information about things on Sale, or a many that is great offer you now have heading. You can also use Promotion Cartons create Count Down Timers for items that are finishing soonest, and to make slideshows of things which you are currently promoting. The Choices are all pretty self-explanatory.