Mexican folk art - Alebrijes today

If you are a fan of Mexican lifestyle and art, you are probably acquainted with Alebrijes, an artifact which has deep roots in Mexican background. kado ultah unik, kado unik are small figurines shaped as animals created from copal wood. Each animal has a great history or folktale that comes with it, since Mexican history is laced with fables including animals. is a great place to start if you are an alebrijes collector. You might even consider visiting the website if you want to gift someone an animal piece that describes his character, or better, represents that people placing in the Aztec calendar regarding to their date of birth. On you will see intricately made, hand-manufactured alebrijes that are the true representatives of Mexican culture. Each artifact comes with a high-quality, three-dimensional picture for clients to view. In the online alebrijes market, this website offers the most prices and the very best deals. Each piece is made in bright colors and is established with much effort by the artist. ships to virtually all countries worldwide and offers a variety of payment options for customers. Each animal figure has a separate web page that recounts the folk tale connected with it, to enlighten clients with the historical Mexican background of the creature they are going to buy.

A brief history of Alebrijes Alebrijes are something of a hybrid contemporary art and heritage items. They aren't very old - no more than 30 years for the most part, but are a solid representation of the effort and style of the Mexican craftsman. They are dated back to the 1960's and have always been made with capol wood.

Alebrijes are most highly associated with the region of Oaxaca and is primarily a form of Oaxacan art. This city has made its put on the south central Mexico UNESCO globe heritage site, and has produced many internationally acclaimed art items. Alebrijes are a major part of Oaxacan heritage and tradition.

Animals and Alebrijes Anyone who has had the opportunity to review Hispanic art or Mexican culture would understand how the Mexicans possess deep bonding and belief with pets. The Aztec belief circles around the concept that every individual has personality likeness with a animal. That animal is determined by the birth date of this particular person. The Aztec calendar has an animal for every month, and your birth associates that animal with you as your spiritual counterpart.

Genuine alebrijes by Mexican craftsmen and performers are not just carvings of great quality but also imply that a symbiosis has been brought about between sculptures and paintings. The wooden artifact is actually a canvas for the paints applied on it, so it's more than just carving; it's painting as well - a three-dimensional one.

Much creative energy is put into the piece to create it to life making use of bright and vibrant colours and symbols to create unique artifacts. The artist will most likely use similar shapes, colours and symbols as Mexican ancestors once did, a thousand years ago. The craftsmen put their finest into each piece so that the final alebrije is the ideal representation of Hispanic legends and traditions.