Alphabet Song - Fun New Way of Learning

One of the initial things that children discover at school or whilst expanding up is the alphabet. It is the most fundamental developing block towards recognizing words, sounds, and ultimately in constructing sentences before they move onto reading. Nevertheless, every kid has different studying speed such that some may have difficulty utilizing the traditional techniques of instruction. The use of alphabet song is a enjoyable way for children to discover and is also a great way to keep them motivated to learn.

Toddlers have a natural fondness for songs and videos. Hence, it is no wonder why singing and dancing is an integral part of learning for pre-school and grade college kids. Children have a natural short attention span so the straightforward technique of teaching will prove ineffective to them as they cannot maintain their interest for too long. It is not sufficient to use books and boards for teaching them so it is better to switch to more enjoyable and interactive methods of learning, such as the use of alphabet song.

For a brief history on how it first came about, the song was patented by Charles Bradlee throughout 1985. He composed the entire song with piano accompaniment wherein he primarily based the tune for the alphabet song from the song "Twinkle Twinkle Small Star" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep". The tune for these two songs was produced by Mozart when he was just 25 years old and explains why the song has become such a classic. Since then, the song has become largely recognizable and is used as a teaching tool at schools.

More than the years, several versions of the alphabet song has been developed. Both the US and the UK have their personal versions of this song with slight modifications to the pronunciation of certain letters and the lyrics.

Aside from simply remembering the letters and their correct order, an additional advantage to utilizing the alphabet song for learning on the children is that it also teaches them the correct phonetic sounds for every letter. In some instances, there are newer versions of the song that includes associating each letter with a word that begins with that specific letter.

Both parents and teachers will advantage from the use of this technique of teaching. It is a great way to capture the interest of a kid and will be much more enjoyable for them, particularly when they are singing along with other children. There are MP3 or karaoke format of the alphabet song that is readily available in the market these days so you should have no problem in searching for them to use in the class or at house.


Kids can song an alphabet song effortlessly. In reality, it will be simpler for them to remember the letters in the alphabet if you ask them to sing it instead of recite the letters one by 1. There is some thing about the melody of the song that tends to make it easier for their brains to keep in mind. Subsequent time you are getting difficulty teaching your kid to memorize the alphabet, why not make them sing it rather? It is a fun new way to learn and even much more efficient than doing it in the conventional way.