Age to Get Pregnant Womans Stages of Fertility

The best age to get pregnant can be viewed from ones physical and psychological maturity as well as their socio-economic readiness. This means that the best age to have a baby differs form each individual to some other. The fertile maturity in women statistically starts at the age of 18 and you will be optimum before age of 25. This is the period where women will get pregnant easier.

After reaching a peak at the age of 26, fertility starts to decline gradually in a little slow pace before age of 35. During the period of age of 35 - 40, the decline of fertility becomes faster and beyond this phase of life pregnancy problems tends to appear more often. Statistics show that about 2/3 of women above 40 are experiencing infertility problems.

However, pregnancy without any physical problem can still happen at a younger age below 18 or in elder women above 40. Thus there are other determinants that shape the best age to have a baby. As I mentioned about psychological or emotional maturity and socio-economic readiness earlier, here are an overview of these matters.

Teenage motherhood

One important issue in emotional maturity may be the sense of cepat hamil which must provide good care to the girl herself and her coming baby. Many young families lack this sense of responsibility and are more occupied by their own interest or careless behavior

The consequences and threat of conceiving a child, the potential danger and possible complications and the painful labor can only just be carried by an emotionally mature woman. And after labor, which is raising a kid, the responsibility will begin to grow more immense.

If you are too young to get married you might be feeling trapped in a world that does not belong to you. When other teenage friends enjoy how old they are of being an adolescent experimenting the world, you'll be baby sitting while trying hard to set free time to hang out with your peers.

Young couples are less likely to be financially settled and more likely to be dependent. This is a potential problem of disharmony among couple which is not good for a pregnant woman.

Young motherhood

Physically, the optimum time frame to get reaches 18 25 years old. A womens reproductive system has already reached its optimum maturity and ready to support a pregnancy process. In this optimum fertility stage, pregnancy complications are less likely to happen. You will also be at the best physical condition to take care of everything pertained to raising a kid.

At this time you as well as your partner may be starting a lifetime career and try to be financially independent. You may be focusing on your task and how to earn more money to pay all the bills. As a consequence, you almost certainly will not pay enough focus on your raising baby and child. And this will affect the natural and emotional binding between mother and child. I have seen a lot of young mothers who are too busy with their jobs and letting their baby in to the care of someone else and loosing their intimation with their small kids