All About Eva Angelina

Born March 14, 1985, Eva Angelina has publicly said many times that she came from an extremely wealthy history, until she was around 13 years old and her family cepat hamil much lost everything. 90 days after Eva Angelina turned 18, she entered the globe of porn in 2003. Eva Angelina has said that she was so excited to find yourself in the adult sector, she started making her personal pornos at home when she was only 13 years old.

Well-known for wearing glasses during most of her sex moments, the five foot, three inches bisexual is rarely seen promoting her films without them on. Eva Angelina offers starred in no less than 223 adult movies, such as genres like bondage, interracial, group sex, anal intercourse and double penetration (the latter two just lately, in the 2007 film Upload and the 2008 movies E for Eva and Big Wet Asses 12).

Between May and November of 2004, Eva Angelina quit the porn business at the request of her boyfriend at that time. Instead, she went to work as a waitress at a Macaroni Grill in Valencia, California. On November 7th of that yr, tragedy struck Eva Angelina. Her (the main one she quit porn for) dedicated suicide. Shortly thereafter, Eva Angelina produced her triumphant return to porn (after briefly considering becoming a member of the US Navy).

Eva Angelina has earned many awards on her behalf work in the porn sector, including two F.A.M.E. awards in 2008, two AVN awards in 2008 and several others for Best Actress, Woman Performer of the entire year and more. Although widely regarded as a Latina, Eva Angelina in fact has rather diverse blood running right through her veins, including Cuban, Chinese, Irish and English.

At the beginning of the June of 2008, XFANZ reported that Eva Angelina is normally pregnant. For awhile the rumors had been , but nobody made an official announcement about the situation until was able to wrangle a special comment through her publicist. On June 8, 2008, Eva Angelinas publicist said she's a name, it really is Sylvie, and it just happened at a great time, because she needed a rest to focus on her personal life. But, she is looking forward to coming back to the industry a year from now and more powerful than ever.

So, Eva Angelina fans shouldn't fear. Although she actually is on a hiatus to possess her baby, she is definitely coming back!