How-to Create Your Own Internet site - More Steps

FIRST METHOD: Obtain a professional designer to construct the website for you: It's costly in site preservation, generation approach and develop-ment. 2ND METHOD: Designing the site with free website hosting: In this case, just register the website that provides this service, and begin to build your personal website. Free Hosting Sites: http://w... Discover supplementary info on our affiliated link by clicking To check up more, people are able to check-out: click. To construct a website, you'll find four techniques to choose from: FIRST METHOD: Get yourself a professional designer to construct the site for you: It is costly in site preservation, creation process and devel-opment. SECOND METHOD: Designing the site with free website hosting: In this case, just sign-in the website that provides this service, and begin to build your own website. To compare additional info, please gander at: Forum. Free Hosting Sites: Disadvantages of this approach (Free Website Hosting ): Small size-Limited website house Can not create interactive functions (community forums, on the web purchasing, etc.) Advertisements-May have banners and/or place advertisements on your own website Long and difficult to remember web address (as opposed to No printed email addresses ([email protected]) Weak specialized support-Poor help and support options Might not be free forever No importance for the site Therefore it is better to choose an inexpensive Hosting sites with reasonable prices, you will get a better quality and a higher standing. NEXT METHOD: Professional Web Hosting: Design the site with a web page designer program (computer programs) and use among the hosting sites. Website artist programs: There is a great deal of software available to assist you create and manage your website, you may use more than one of them: 1. Microsoft FrontPage 2. Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks Studio 3. Adobe GoLive/Adobe ImageStyler 4. Thumb & Swish FrontPage system could be the popular and most important one. Sites to master Front Page: Internet sites for Website Name: Google - Godaddy - EV1Servers - Stargate - Actnowdomains - Internet sites For Internet Hosting: Bing - Powweb - Ev1servers - Stargate - UCVHost - Servermatrix - Infinology- Since this method must learn a new program with the knowledge of HTML, so it's not our proposed method. FOUTRH METHOD: (recommended method) Create the site with SiteBuilder and choose the Hosting package: This technique may be the easiest and fastest way to make a internet site without any previous understanding of site building and without any HTML knowledge. You can begin right now and build your site immediately. If you can point and click with a mouse, then you can create your personal web site right-now! Web Hosting with Site Builder: Aol! SiteBuilder - The Yahoo! SiteBuilder (as an example) opens with a Welcome Screen that provides links to built-in tutorials named Starting with Yahoo! SiteBuilder The Starting Tutorial addresses subjects like: How to Start a Brand New Site How to Include Text How you can produce tables How-to Position Photographs How to add links How to use themes How to write and upload web pages and a great deal more! More Site Builders: Actnowdomains- Site Build It - EasyHost - Fasthosts - Interland - BlueVoda - SiteRightNow - ipowerweb - CoffeeCup- Enjoy!.