Why need Cydia Downloader ?

Why need Cydia Downloader ?

iOS 9.0.2 turned out to be one of Apple’s great launch. It came to the platform after few days from the arrival of iOS 9.0 Final edition. Mainly two decided issues have been fixed on this latest iOS update. We are lucky to receive new news about Cydia downloader from a famed developer and hacker iH8sn0w for iOS 9.0. But unfortunately, iOS 9.0.2 Cydia downloader is still silent so if you have upgraded your device with the new mobile operating system you might wait until able to jailbreak it to change your device’s interface.


Cydia downloader iOS 9- iOS 9.0.2


When came iOS 9.0 first beta to the platform, the famed hacking team called K33N announced that they would able to jailbreak it but after that still there is no any information from them about Cydia downloader iOS 9.0. But happy to Say there are rumors about Taig team that they are working to jailbreak iOS 9.0 with a new jailbreaking tool because Apple has patched several exploits which Taig used to jailbreak former iOS, iOS 8.4. But as my option now Taig also will stop jailbreaking iOS 9.0 because now there is available iOS 9.0.2 too.so if you are with iOS 9.0, the best solution is to upgrade it with new version and if you are still with iOS 8.4, I recommend to stay with it until possible to Cydia download iOS 9.0.2 because after you download iOS 9.0.2 you cannot return to iOS 8.4 therefore Apple has enclosed that possibility.  Pangu or PP jailbreaks has not published any news about the possibility of jailbreak this news versions so we can keep hopes only about Taig team because they are the owner of currently Cydia downloader .we cannot expect jailbreak from iH8sn0w, the reason is he had said  that he has no any idea to release any jailbreak tool. Finally, I want to say that don’t follow any fake Cydia downloader tools because they will reach harms for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices.


Why need Cydia downloader for my iPhone?


With using Cydia downloader you can download many more apps from Cydia software download to beyond the limitations which Apple impress for your device’s OS. Furthermore you can do more advanced you devices than it is.