Why is Safety Management System for ISM code needed?

International Safety Management - ISM is a set of laws that is adopted and accepted all over the world. It is to ensure that ships and yachts are manage and along with it operates safely. All commercial ship of a capacity of more than 500 ton has to adopt this code as agreed upon by the International Maritime Organization. In order to meet the terms with the ISM every vessel must have a Safety Management System for ISM code.

Safety Management System for ISM code helps in following ways:

  • Helps in utilizing the resources efficiently
  • Enables to reduce wastage of resources
  • Eradicate repeated procedures         
  • Helps in improving efficiency

Safety Management System for ISM code consist of a manual outlining process details on board, policy manual of top level, audit policies internal and external, and a person designated to act as mediator between ship and aground. It has a system to identify where the system is inadequate and propose mode of correcting it. In addition, it also reviews the ship management process regularly.

Fact on Maritime labor Convention (MLC 2006 Compliance):

  • The MLC 2006 compliance is an international labor convention accepted by ILO.
  • Widely known as “seafarers’ bill of rights,” it is acknowledge by government, workers, and employer representatives at an ILO International Labor Conference in Feb 2006. 
  • It aims to achieve respectable work for seafarers and safe monetary welfare through fair contest for quality ship owners.
  • It covers every facet of their life and work on board such as minimum age of work, payment of salary, hours of work and rest, employment agreement, paid leaves in a year, medical care onboard, accommodation and food, complain handling and etc.
  • It is globally applicable and easily understandable and updatable.


Under the MLC 2006 Compliance seafarer has the right of:

  • Fair policy of employment
  • Secure and safe environment of work which comply with set standards of safety
  • Acceptable living and working standards on board
  • Ensure medical care and health protection and different other form of social protection.