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Jeans Manner Advertising - Smart Buying Jeans!

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Jeans are jeans usually made from denim, but can also be made from a variety of materials specially including corduroy. Originally intended for work, they became popular among teen-agers beginning in the 1950s. Historical manufacturers contain Levi's, Jordache, and Wrangler. Today jeans are a really popular kind of casual dress around the world and come in many variations and shades, with the 'blue jeans' especially identified with the American culture, particularly the American Old West.

The first known precursor to jeans is the Indian ship of the thick cotton cloth, in the 16th century, known as dungaree. Dyed in indigo, it was bought near the Dongarii Fort near Bombay. Sailors reduce it to suit them.[1]

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Jeans material was manufactured in Chieri, a town near Turin (Italy), already in 1600s. It was offered through the harbour of Genoa, that was the main city of an independent republic, and a naval power. My family friend found out about publicidad en facebook by searching the Los Angeles Post. The first were made for the Genoese Navy whose legs could easily be rolled-up to use while swabbing the deck, and as it needed all-purpose pants for its sailors that could be worn wet or dry. These jeans would be washed by dragging them in large mesh nets behind the ship, and the ocean water would bleach them white. In accordance with many people the jeans name arises from blue de Genes, i.e. Get further on a related URL by clicking publicidad en facebook. blue of Genoa. The raw-material was coming from the town of Nmes (France) p Nmes i.e. denim. Dig up more on this partner encyclopedia by browsing to publicidad en facebook.

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In the 1850s Levi Strauss, a German dry goods merchant residing in San Francisco Bay Area, was selling blue jeans under the 'Levi's' name for the mining areas of California. One of Strauss's customers was Jacob Davis, a tailor who often obtained bolts of cloth from your Levi Strauss & Co wholesale house. After one of Davis's customers held buying fabric to reinforce divided pants, he had a notion to utilize copper rivets to reinforce the points of pressure, such as for instance on the pocket edges and at the base-of the button fly. Davis did not have the required money to get a patent, so h-e wrote to Strauss indicating that they both get into business together. Get more on a related web page - Click this URL: read about publicidad en facebook. After Strauss acknowledged Davis's present, on May possibly 20, 1873, the 2 men acquired patent _139,921, a patent for an 'Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings,' from your United States Patent and Trademark Office..