ghanaian traditional games (stay) continuation...

meaning sending. If he does not run fast just as he is about to reach the ball ,some other person will pick it up and send him again. He will continuously chase the ball until he finally pick it up and passes it to the next person. Sometimes , when the looser throws the ball in attempt to hit someone else with it, another person can pick it up with his sticks and throw it to hit someone else so that, that person becomes the next looser and the former looser becomes free. This is known as cheat and it is actually a cheat but it is an acceptable one in the game. As  the person who picked up the ball with his sticks attempts to throw the ball to hit a different person , someone can also catch the ball in the air  before it touches someone else or the ground and throws it far away. This style of catching the ball in the air is known as shadow. When this happens , the boy who picked up the ball with his sticks and threw it in the air , which was caught , now becomes the looser. This is also an acceptable cheat in the game.

These procedures continue until most of the boys are exhausted and then they bring the  game to an end.

                   Aside stay being played for pleasure, it has a lot of benefits which the players enjoy without even knowing.  Stay keeps the minds of its players very sharp and alert and it keeps them focused. This is because if you are not focused , you will always be hit by the ball ,thus always being the looser and being sent by the others. It also makes the players very smart  ,because you always have to run fast and get the ball in time when you are sent so that someone else will not send you again. Also stay makes the boys who play it learn to run fast and make the dull ones very active. Also playing stay keeps the boys very healthy as they burn a lot of fat while running and the free flow of blood in their veins is also enhanced.  Stay helps the boys becomes good athletes. While running , the boys exercise the muscles in their legs.

            Stay is very good and vital  game which should be encouraged among the youths of today