How to Purchase it New Kitchen Cabinets

When a homeowner wants to renovate their kitchen, often one of the first things do is replace the kitchen cabinets for sale. While this may seem like a basic task, there are plenty of things to consider when replacing the cabinets.

One of the first considerations is budget. In order to understand the cost, a person will need a baseline estimate. First, cabinet costs are figured in linear feet. The average amount linear feet for cabinets in the kitchen is around 25 to 30. While this number can vary greatly, this basis will help to roughly determine the cost for new cabinets.

For standard stock cabinets, the costs usually run around $70 per linear feet. This number could be even lower if the cabinets require assembly. Semi-custom cabinets can run around $150 to $300 per linear feet. In addition, for complete custom cabinets, the price can easily exceed $500 or more, depending on the size of the cabinets and the materials used in their construction.

Its always important to check the construction of the cabinets. Quality construction shouldnt be relegated to full custom cabinets. For example, rather than cabinet frames and drawers being stapled together, a person should look for dovetail joinery instead. This sort of construction should aid in the cabinets having a long and trouble free lifespan.

Integrated hardware, such as the rails used to open and close cabinet drawers, should also be considered. Integrated rails will allow the drawers to open and close, but extended guide rails allow the drawers to fully open allowing for the entire drawer to be accessed.

There are also other features that a person can opt for in cabinets as well. Things like lift cabinets and pull out trash can cradles are popular upgrades that can be done whether they are custom or discount cabinets Plant City . While this can increase the cost of certain cabinets by almost 20%, for some, the added features are well worth the price.

As touched on earlier, there are many things to think about in new kitchen cabinets, and these few things mentioned above merely scratch the surface of what needs to be considered. However, even if its affordable wholesale cabinets Plant City, or a fully customized cabinets for your new kitchen, knowing how to spot quality will help give you get the best value from your cabinet buyer dollar. This is important when roughly 40% of kitchen renovations are taken up by the installation of new cabinets. Most importantly, your cabinet purchase will help your kitchen to function perfectly and look good while doing it. Which is why you might have considered a kitchen renovation in the first place.