Overcrowded? Stock Possessions in a Protected Climate Controlled Area

The last thing a novice person who has never stored one thing in their life wants to do is encounter mold on their possessions. If this happens, and it has, who will want to use the item again? No one. This is what happens when valuable possessions are stored in a facility that isnt climate controlled. People whove never used a facility before wont realize its not climate controlled unless theyre advised beforehand. This kind of problem wont happen when a client is dealing with an above reproach storage company that sincerely cares about its customers.

AAA Storage is an upscale company that explains all the ins and outs of storage to customers. First of all, everyone wants to know their possessions are safe and secure, they want a company who will tell customers exactly how their valuable items are protected. There are video surveillance cameras monitoring all storage areas, special lighting, plus entrances are computer controlled. Theyre also going to advise customers not to rent an area thats too large for them because they dont want customers losing hard earned money when the space will just be wasted.

There are just the right size storage units for the amount of belongings any person wants to store. There are 5 x 5 units for a small amount of possessions, and 15 x 50 units where people can store items as large as a vehicle or boat. Log on to securcare self storage where youll notice that the AAA Storage domain name looses the dash, which makes the link easier to remember. For those whove been logging in on the old link and cant get to the page they want, this is why. Once a customer finds the page theyre searching for, they can go to the FAQ page and get many of their questions answered.

Everything from questions about climate control units, various sizes of units offered, and what security features are in place are answered, and have been discussed in the paragraphs above. Belongings must be insured either by a homeowners policy or one purchased from the company. Each unit can be insured at the facility for $10 per $2500 of coverage which, most likely, wont be enough coverage for many people. The declaration page of the individuals homeowners policy can also be brought in to show evidence of coverage. A long term commitment doesnt have to be made since the company offers month to month leasing of their units.

Log on to AAA storage to obtain more information and to fill out a form requesting an associate of the company call. Dont put up with an over crowded home or apartment when possessions can easily and safely be stored in a close by storage facility.