where The Hell Are All These Cat Videos Coming From, Anyway?

Here at Comedy Examiner HQ, we spend an inordinate amount of time each week deleting all the "wacky" cat videos that you simply, the mild Examiner readers of the world, send in to our offices. Perhaps we haven't been clear sufficient about our disdain for cat videos here at Comedy Examiner HQ. For the past two or three years, we have been providing up funny movies, photographs, evaluations, interviews, and all method of other chuckle-worthy shenanigans (we pleasure ourselves on chuckle-worthy shenanigans), however we have by no means run a single "cat video".

For instance, a stranger watching your video might be able to learn extra about you if you've posted a vlog, moderately than a comedy skit that you just made with your friends. Alway hold your safety in mind, reminiscent of not divulging an excessive amount of private details about yourself, is a great way for you to enjoy YouTube with none risks. Even www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvtCsugpru4 if you do not have a variety of expertise with utilizing computer systems, it is best to be capable to upload your video to YouTube. If you nonetheless wish to add your video to YouTube, after fastidiously serious about your resolution to take action, you'll need to register for a free account.

Right here at HQ, there have been numerous occasions the place we've found ourselves fists clenched, brow-veins throbbing, screaming to the heavens, "Where do all these godd-mn cat videos come from?!" Effectively, thanks to the video over on the left, we now know. This one was despatched in by friend of Comedy Examiner HQ Joe Nicolosi, who you would possibly remember as the man who directed a few of the superior pre-present shorts that screened throughout this year's SXSW Film Festival. It's also possible to head on over to THIS PAGE to comply with your humble Comedy Examiner on Twitter.

You may also have the ability to spot just a few different FoCEHQ (word to self: give you a greater acronym for "Good friend of Comedy Examiner HQ") in right here, as effectively, together with Grasp Pancake Theater's John Erler and Greatest Worst Movie's Andrew Matthews. We at HQ would like to applaud all concerned for lastly shedding some gentle on the bane of our existence (by which we mean cat movies; did you not learn the last eighteen paragraphs?). Humorous movies are helpful after a hard day of coping with difficult situations or folks at workplace.

In case you are searching for video clips of a particular style, it's better you first search a blog or two that specialize with regards to your liking; most of these blogs are up to date always and hand-picked videos are added for guests' convenience not like in portals. A lot of funny videos websites are off shoots of old crazy funny image websites, no matter that possibly, the present avatar with video clips they're certain to tickle your humorous bone. This is not just a list of the ten most-seen stand-up comedy movies on YouTube. I don't suppose that's fair, especially if some movies had been uploaded years earlier than others or cleverly marketed in some way.