Pop-up Display Style Recommendations And Tricks

If there are two of you working the booth, then you must have two self-contained sales channels -- one o-n either side. Visit this site to learn how to consider it. Quite simply, utilize your place smartly. Do not mess up the center, if you can make it.

2. Focus on your 'Primary Product Message'

Your PopUp display have to do double-duty as both a history, and your most important vehicle for promoting your company's presence and your 'Primary Product Message.' Stand straight back from your display for a minute and consider it from the perspective of the casual passerby. What's she or he most enthusiastic about?

First, since she's come some distance to view a number of specific displays, chances are she's buying common name or logo. Don't disappoint. Use stunning trade show design to display your brand plainly near the top of the display. Like that it will be as visible as possible above the heads of individuals standing in front.