Off grid living illegal in Florida

For all those green builders who are wanting to live off the grid, do not attempt it in the state of Florida where it is illegal. Cape Coral resident Robin Speronis lived for over a year on solar power and with a propane camping stove and rain water. She was found guilty in February 2014 of not being connected to an approved water supply and was ordered to vacate within one day after her lifestyle aired on Fox4 News.

No gold medals for this person who is doing her part in helping ease the water scarcity issue. Read the article below about Eustace Conway who had similar experiences in Boone, North Carolina.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term off the grid living, it means living independently especially from utility companies and providing your own source of electric power, whether solar, wind, hydroelectric or by riding a bike. Imagine having no utility bills which is probably not too popular with companies like Florida Power and Light.

Officials based their on the International Property Maintenance Code which says homes must be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source. "505.3 Supply. The water supply system shall be installed and maintained to provide a supply of water to plumbing fixtures, devices and appurtenances in sufficient volume and at pressures adequate to enable the fixtures to function properly, safely, and free from defects and leaks."

So if you have any plumbing leaks in your home, you are in violation. There are also minimum room sizes in the codes.and plenty more which you may be violating. Perhaps this should be the next Florida real estate agent requirement that all buyers must sign off on a copy of the International Property Maintenance Code. Check your state and local laws to learn which codes are governing your location. If you've been dreaming about downsizing to one of those TinyHouse listings be sure it meets regulations.

You might be awakened by SWAT teams like the members of The Garden of Eden EcoVillage in Arlington, Texas were in 2013. Every adult community member there was handcuffed at gunpoint. That sustainability stuff of living free from large corporation control is dangerous....for the powerful lobbying corporations especially.

Watch the YouTube video on the ecovillage raid where officers not only raided the community but destroyed crops of wild and cultivated blackberries, lambs quarters and okra. Natural wild foods forager expert Green Deane would be outraged. They also removed materials like 55 gallon barrels used for rain water collection and pallets, tires, and cardboard which were there for sustainability projects. Guess they will not be allowed to build Michael Reynolds' earthships out of tires there either.

If you think someone is overstepping their bounds in these acts, what can you do about it? Read Damon Cline's The Augusta Chronicle article We're from the government and we're here to help--or else. How do we get the government to stop "helping" citizens who prefer a different and better for the earth lifestyle?