Okay. So... I made this blog so that people can hear my voice. So that people can know about me. I won't reveal my true self... but I'm going to be a blogger.

Okay so... to tell you about me...

I'm a depressed teen. I'm only fourteen years old. You probably won't take me seriously... just like society. It's your choice though. I have problems with my emotions. I'm bipolar. That doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I have depression and anxiety. I have issues with the way I look. I'm quite chubby... so that sucks. My face is just... to me it's horrible. I hate the way I look. I'm not expecting you to feel sorry for me. I simply want to be heard.

I have a huge love for music. Music just calms you and relieves you of pain you didn't know you had. Music opens a door to another world.

I also love reading. Getting to live in a fantasy world while you read, is probably the best part of reading. I do love writing as well. I get to express myself when I write.

My dog, Jesse, is probably my best friend. She's always there for me. When I'm sat... when I'm happy. She's there.

Before you think you got me figured out... I'm depressed. I'm bipolar. I have my highs and my lows. I cut. I'm suicidal. I get bullied. Or I used to get bullied. I don't know. I lost my best friend. People don't like me. It's all my appearances fault.

But yea. Sh*t happens.indecision