Historical NFL Franchises - Chicago Bears & Denver Broncos

Historical NFL Franchises - Chicago Bears & Denver Broncos

There are many storied NFL franchises, but the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos are definitely two of the best. What comes to mind when you think of the Bears? Remember the Superbowl Shuffle? That was decades ago, but it still is remembered as one of the best moments in the history of the NFL, albeit an event that was outside of game play. 

What do you remember most about the Denver Broncos? Of course there is John Elway, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. But then you have the history of the Denver Broncos going so far but not winning a Super Bowl! That became quite the story by the turn of the century, and it ranked right up there with the Buffalo Bills and their similar demise.

No matter what memories you have of these teams, they are great NFL teams with many stories to tell and in the middle of yet another season. As a matter of fact, they are going to face off against one another on November 22nd of this year. The game is set to air on the CBS network at 1 pm. It should be a great game for sure. 

Who has the home field advantage? The game is going to be played at Soldier Field, which means that that Bears are going to have the advantage, getting to take on the Broncos on Chicago turf. 

Whether you're from one of these two cities or even a fan, it's hard to turn away from two powerhouse NFL teams going at it during the top Sunday football game of the week. With teams like these, you could be watching the next Superbowl team in action, and while there is plenty of time still left in the season, it will be winding down before you know it. That means you better get all your NFL action in while you can. 

Who is your favorite NFL team this year? How do they rank against the Bears and Broncos? The Bears have always been known for their defense, kind of like the Steelers, even though both teams are always very offensive as well. The Bears head coach used to be a defensive back, so you know he has that down. Who do I think will come out on top? I'll select the Bears as my pick.