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Then on this day, my mother was not only heartbroken that her husband had decided to leave her, she was absolutely terrified at the prospect of having to raise three kids alone. In this article we list out some argumentative topics for students. So, here is a range of essay topics that you can choose from. Is a home-maker given the same respect as one would give someone with a fixed job? An essay is generally made up of five paragraphs, which include the introduction, body consisting of three paragraphs, and conclusion. That is the beauty of this country, with its numerous World Heritage Sites, mountains, lakes, beaches, museums, beautiful cities, and the list goes on. My father had decided to leave us and settle down click here with another woman, who he claimed he loved. The most important part is to decide on a topic. Has the society accepted the concept of stay-at-home dads? Should uniform be made compulsory?

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Is it wrong to have beauty pageants for kids? And for something that has a fixed objective in mind, there needs to be certain acquired writing skills as well. Persuasive essays. If you want to write a good essay for college, a publication, or for a language exam, you need to consider the standard format. So, here is a range of essay topics that you can choose from. Seek help from your parents in this regard. At some point of time or the other, you would have written an essay but do you know how you should end your writing? Then we all sat and had dinner together and recounted our day's activities. However, as a guideline, state your personality in brief, your family and educational background, hobbies, what you intend to do in the future, and your values.