France bonpoint kids keep up with fashion style in the luxury-chanel lv-apparel industry

This is actually the Kids in luxury. Without the ability to placed on their own Chanel, LV, after that we'd not consider this the next generation of luxury dress, specifically in children body crazy stage. Shanghai store in harga batik keris baby area is the entrance, where there is a multi-compartment cabinets, all kinds of baby's daily necessities, like playthings, like play set to end up being opened to display.

HC Apparel Network Everything were only available in 1975, Mary? Folan Si (Marie-France) and Bernard? Cohen (BernardCohen) in Bali Meng Tian Boulevard out of their first clothing shop Bonpoint. 30 years later, as one of the few regions of luxury children's clothes brand, Bonpoint and Chanel, Herms, LV together and be "Montaigne Association" (Montaigne Institute, a top French boutique brand association club, only to absorb the Paris Montaigne Avenue, the classic brand). King of Morocco stated that each period passing through Paris, will head to Bonpoint brew a pot of tea, the way children choose a gift for love; Celine? Dion is accustomed to Bonpoint extravagantly, spending 120,000 for her 35 nephews, nieces choosing something special.

You head into the intersection of Shaanxi Street and , Shanghai flagship store Bonpoint immediately know very well what "low-key luxury." Children's clothing range beneath the entrance hall area is divided into infant, children's area, evening district, all white wall space, clean simple. Stores around the world are unified style Bonpoint, mottled rough wooden ground, is said to be so old after deliberately shipped from France. Of course, can be worthy of the price of store-grade gold deposit with this one inch of the lot, pick up a handy little cotton trousers, signs that read: 1037 yuan.

This is the Kids in luxury. Without the capability to placed on their own Chanel, LV, then we'd not consider this another generation of luxury dress, especially in kids body crazy stage. Shanghai store in Bonpoint baby area may be the entrance, where there's a multi-compartment cabinets, all kinds of baby's daily necessities, like toys, like play set to be opened to show: a bottle, comb, pocket food, spoons, blocks and soap. One set of baby bath range includes towels, slippers, comb, toys, pajamas, and a nonalcoholic Bonpoint perfume, the entire tone is quiet and mild light beige, beyond your canvas with a Bonpoint particular suitcase. Of course, the prices greater than 3000 yuan a completely reflects the taste of high end products.

30 years, Bonpoint design departments forms remained in Paris an extended tradition of senior set of uniforms, from the brand founder Mary? Folan Si full cosmetic surgeon. Year, Bonpoint will launch three months in series (spring, summer months, autumn and winter, Xmas), each group of lines consists of 10 topics, respectively 0 to 2 years old baby clothes, and 3-year-old to 14-year-old men and women Kids , a total of 300 models. This year, Bonpoint also invited to Paris's most famous jewelry designer jewelry featuring the design series, which is not only a silver bracelet decorated with a lace and bells well, even more shells and dressed.