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They confront the injustices of poverty, marginalization and discrimination. They recognize the need to reduce inequalities and to protect our common home by changing an economic model so dependent on finite natural resources and on unsustainable consumption.

The initial cost of a vanity plate in Hawaii is $25, plus $25 added to your registration fee every year. The Honolulu Department of Motor Vehicles doesn't keep a record of how many drivers have these chattels, but they are a huge source of revenue for state licensing agencies.

It was as if yoga was invented on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, right next to a Starbucks, neatly packaged for your consumption.

Miraj U. Desai Associate Research Scientist, Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

Since 1994, the NRDC has prosecuted a series of federal lawsuits to persuade the Navy to adopt -- and its federal regulator the National Marine Fisheries Service to require -- common sense safeguards for the protection of whales and other marine life from unnecessary harm.

Joel Reynolds Western Director and Senior attorney, NRDC, Los Angeles

I recently saw a video of a plastic straw being extracted from the nose of a turtle. Ask yourself: do you really need that plastic straw in your soda or the plastic stirrer in your mojito?

A new WWF report revealed that we have lost nearly half of the oceans' wildlife in the last 40 years. Gone. In just one human generation, populations of marine fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles have declined by half. That is a staggering statistic.

Brad Ack Senior Vice President for Oceans, World Wildlife Fund

We are developing a system to keep illegally caught seafood out of the United States by tracking it throughout the supply chain -- from harvest to entry into the country.

If we are to protect and restore our world's wildlife, we must first protect unroaded areas and connect landscapes to allow wildlife the freedom to roam, find food and raise their young.

Dan Chu Director, Sierra Club 'Our Wild America' campaign

The wild changes in the short history of the modern surf culture are widely debated, evidenced and documented, yet little has been written about the humor of the lifestyle. As the concept of the surf film was evolving, it must be noted that laughs and comedy gags were an integral part of the new medium.

Na'i Aupuni has released the names of approximately 200 individuals campaigning to represent the Native Hawaiian people at the upcoming great 'Aha. Over 100 candidates, including myself, are vying for the 20 seats designated for Oahu island representatives.

It's an easy answer and wholly unsatisfactory. Democratic America is what it chooses to be, but the issue is so aged, politicised and now polarised that banning guns is not only impossible, it would likely do little to stop the type of bloodshed witnessed last week in Roseburg.

Paul Vale

Night Editor, The Huffington Post UK

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