Set Your Extra Domains To Work For You Using Affiliate Programs

But if you're like me at all... Every internet site owner/operator is familiar with affiliate programs, most of us belong to one or more, or have at one time, and display banners and buttons on our sites providing something from a credit-card to viagra, Which can be totally wonderful for getting perception buyers to products and services that your affiliate sponsors provide. There is no crime in gaining just a little revenue to aid your work and your site planning, building and promoting it. But when you're like me in any way, you've a number of names of domain sitting around doing nothing also. It occurred to me that getting the domain names listed on the market has produced little or no income, but every year I have marketing potential if placed into the proper hands and renew them because I think that they are great domain names. So I decided to do a little study and find out what affiliate plans were out there that offered a lot more than buttons and banners, and I discovered that there are a number of affiliate organizations that offer RSS feeds and Data Feeds and even some offer complete 'Turn-key' websites already created for you, download an asp or php version of-the Turn-Key site to placed on your personal server and you are ready to go. Position your domain-name to it, and you're offering a service or product that people have an use for, just start your regular marketing practices for the s). Clicking Releases Complete Guide to Building Affiliate Sites likely provides warnings you could tell your girlfriend.