The M1009 CUCV - A Manly, Eco-Conscious, Military Rejected Survivalist's Dream Vehicle.

Are you a survivalist nut? Do you crave a real man's vehicle that will take you anywhere and let you pull tree stumps out of the earth if they get in your way? Are you looking for an authentic, "I've been to hell and I'm going back," rolling chassis with original toxic military grade paint (called CARC, which ironically stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating)? How about that perfect addition to the mountain militia armada?

Do you want a vehicle that features no complicated computers and electronics and still has the old round air filter housing that sits on top of the engine with a little butterfly nut instead of the goofy air canister casings that are off to the side and out of the way in the engine compartment found on modern cars? How about a bare bones - no carpet interior that embodies the spirit of the no-frills, exclusive society of men that own at least two handguns, two rifles and a shotgun, and secretly cry while watching movies like Gran Torino?