Case Studies Of Using Frequency Specific Microcurrent

New Injury Case Report

The patient was a 19 year previous male driver of a vehicle rear-ended by another vehicle travelling approximately 60 miles an hour. The injuries expected out of this magnitude of collision could have been significant and the individual would have been symptomatic for approximately three to four months. He was treated with Frequency Specific Microcurrent within five hours of the incident using the frequencies for brand-new injuries. The very next day he was almost pain free of charge with full flexibility. A second treatment the next day reduced the pain to 0-1/10 on a visual analogue scale. On the 4th post accident day, when the pain would have been at its worst had he not really been treated with FSM, he was pain free of charge.
There are no additional known unwanted effects or risks.

FSM for Contact Sports

The benefits of FSM for the players of get in touch with sports are clear. In the U.S. the doctors who treat professional athletes have requested a special seminar, a special system for trainers, and an automated treatment unit designed specifically for athletes.

Frequency Particular cepat hamil and the National Football League

Frequency Specific Microcurrent was uncovered by the American NFL in 2003. Bill Romanowski brought FSM to the Oakland Raiders with his chiropractor. Tony Parrish and Terrell Owens were treated along with eight linemen from the San Francisco 49ers in August 2003 by Dr. McMakin. Right now, NFL teams and athletes from other sports are employing FSM in record figures. The email address details are impressive and consistent. Chronic injuries clear up in record time. FSM can remodel scar tissue formation in a single sixty minute session that could take months to do manually.

New injuries heal in record time. In animal studies, FSM increases the rate of ATP production by 500% and has been proven to reduce irritation by 62% in four minutes. Imagine these benefits put on new injuries and you can see why Jeff Spencer will take his FSM training and his FSM units with him when he treats the US Postal team on the Tour de France. When Terrell Owens was wounded in December 2004 and wanted to be able to enjoy in the Super Bowl 6 weeks later on, FSM was presently there when he got out of surgery and was a area of the team who made his amazing recovery and spectacular possible in Super Bowl 2005.

Everyone said the injury required 13 to 18 weeks to heal and remodel. FSM, Terrell and the treatment team did it in 6 weeks.

The National Qualification in Regularity Specific Microcurrent includes frequencies and protocols that are of help in all types of circumstances including those particular to athletes.

What is the difference between your microcurrent and a laser?

Microcurrent provides electrons and in published studies increases ATP creation in cells. Lasers provide photons. I am unaware of any research suggesting that laser treatment increases ATP production. Lasers oscillate at collection frequencies and provide beneficial results. They are carrying it out by some other method than frequency particular resonance and ATP enhancement.

What is the difference between and ultra audio?