Sinorock is the first choice for self drilling anchor bolt

Sinorock is a self drilling anchor bolt manufacturing and contracting company founded  in 2011.It is the preferred supplier to a host of mines and construction companies in and around the world. We offer class leading self drilling anchor bolt and provide world class service to our customers.Sinorock is a supplier of self drilling anchor bolt with a strong emphasis on service. 

The Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt system combines the geotechnical load-bearing system with the creation of a borehole. Thanks to the self drilling anchor bolt system with simultaneous grout flushing, the installation procedure can be decisively eased and shortened.

The Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt serves as a drill rod. It is fitted with a lost drill bit at the top that can be adapted to different soil conditions. After each single section of 1 to 6m, the subsequent bar is coupled to the previously installed segment.

With the consistent effort of 3 years, not only does Sinorock owns the factories and laboratory but also has established  strategic and cooperative partnership with a number of quality manufacturers . We can offer customer the most suitable solution based upon the exact  understanding of customers’ specific requirements, and wide range of actual performance test of our products under the rigorous quality control production and supplying system.