Traffic Rules and its voilation

Traffic rules are made for everyone. These are made for our own security. In Pakistan unfortunately we see about 80% peoples do not follow it. What is the reason behind this? Is it our fault or Management faults?


We see everyone is breaking traffic signals and unfollow traffic rules because no one try to stop us from doing this. Police Inspectors do not pay attention to this. This strenghten the unfollowers to keep doing their jobs of violation of rules. When someone take action on this the unfollower makes a call to the higher command officer and he is free to go. If this thing is removed from our system Pakistan will be counted in well disciplined countries and also it will make a secure path to the followers to keep their believe in security. Also if the unfollowers are charged properly then it will be profit for our national treasure. So for the sake of Pakistan please follow the traffic rules and keep safe.