Fast Courier Auckland Tips: How To Handle Customer’s Complaint

It is normal for any business to have issues of complaints brought by customers. If you are put in this kind of situation where you have to deal with an angry customer of your fast courier Auckland, here are some tips that have been proven to bring back a customer’s trust and approval.

 1. Listen to the customer’s complaint.

The initial step you have to do when a reported complaint was escalated is to listen carefully on what the customer wants to relay. Show respect by allowing the customer to finish his or her narration of the events. Avoid being defensive because this action will only make the issue worst. If you need some more clarification, be careful on how you ask your questions to the concerned customer.

2. Imagine yourself as the customer.

Sometimes, for you to have a better understanding on why the customer was so upset is try to put yourself in his or her situation. This will allow you to visualize what would be your reaction if you have also experienced a rude delivery guy. Make the customer feel you also share the same sentiments, especially if you are the manager and owner of a fast courier Auckland.

3. Do the appropriate action.

If you found the delivery guy guilty of that accusation, do the necessary action to lessen the bad reputation, either by sending an apology letter to the affected customer or you can also give him or her a coupon voucher for his or next courier job order. This will not only make the customer feel good, but encourage him or her to continue doing business with your fast courier Auckland.

4. Verify with the upset customer what would be his or her ideal solution.

During some instances, it is also advisable to give the customer a chance to suggest a solution on his or her complaint, so that you can be assured that the final action complies with the customer’s desired resolution.

5. Resolve the problem quickly.

Don’t let days passed without attending to an impending customer’s complaint. If you have received the incidence report today, it would be appropriate to attend to this matter the soonest possible time, regardless how busy you are managing your business. If you need to conduct further investigation, notify the customer through email or phone call that immediate actions are being processed.

A complaint or negative feedback from a customer should be taken seriously because if this issue is left on its own, this could lead to bigger problems that may be too late to mend like receiving a bad reputation for your business. Do your best to make a move on the initial phase of a customer’s complaint and never let it go unresolved.

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