Stephen R. Ventre

Focused Sound and Audio, Inc., is updating seem for the 21st century. Almost all speakers these days use the classic “dynamic” strategy invented by Rice and Kellogg in 1925. This method of amplifying audio uses moving coils and electromagnets to press air by means of a paper cone to generate sound waves. Dedicated Sound and Audio’s founder, Steve Ventre, wanted to find a substitution for standard speakers. His endeavours resulted in Onsia flat panel speakers, with a skinny, practically flat, profile whose audio good quality equals or exceeds that of traditional speakers. Onsia flat panel speakers replace the aged technologies of cone speakers with very small “exciters” that generate micro-vibrations across a panel. These vibrations create a obvious, concert quality seem. Detailed info on Sound and Audio can be found at main website.

Best Quality Canvas

The original software for Onsia flat panel speakers was to place them in ceilings and partitions the place they could be concealed driving texture and paint, thereby reducing any visible sign of the speakers. Mr. Ventre and his team at Dedicated Sound and Audio brainstormed about other purposes for the Onsia flat panel speakers. In the procedure, the light bulb of creativity came on. Why not place the flat panel speakers driving artwork? At that instant the principle of Sound Art was born.

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