Investments in Home Financial to Sell Your Home for More Money

Designing a landscape or outdoor living space is an art. It is partly intuition or instinctive and partly developed through schooling and landscape companies on-site experience. Similar to a painter beginning with a blank canvas, the landscape designer creates their work of art in their mind’s eye and then works the land to bring it to life. The landscaper studies the lay of the land which includes its bones or structure which may be temporary or permanent, man-made or living.

The primary goal of a landscape design is to create a functional and visually pleasant outdoor space. A professional landscape designer effortlessly combines art, function and design in such a manner that the area gives the appearance of having always been there, not just freshly created. Some of the tools of the trade include shrubs, herbaceous plants (annual and perennial types), ground covers (replacements for grass in many instances), trees, retaining walls and terraces, walkways, seating areas, and much more.

One important quality to look for when determining how to find a qualified landscaper is to seek one that will take into consideration the architecture of your home, as this defines the landscape design style. A perfect example is that of a Colonial style home which are symmetrical in architecture. When viewed from the front, an imaginary line draw down the center splits the home in half, with each half a mirror image of the other. The Landscape Design, in this case, calls for the foundation plantings to also be symmetrical on either side of the entry. Two-story homes and taller look their best with taller trees at one end of the home serving to visually anchor the home to the ground. One-story homes are overpowered by tall trees so it is best to use medium sized shrubs and trees help ground the home and not cover it up.

Not only does beautiful landscape design create an oasis for the homeowner, the landscape design can increase the value of your house. A landscaped home is an investment in equity, no different than upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, and will help drive traffic to your home. People searching for a home often judge a book by its cover. They will think, "if the outside is well-maintained and cared for then surely the inside must be as well". Sell your house for more money by investing in its outdoor appearance through beautiful and functional landscape design.