I want to emmigrate from South Africa, but where should I go?

I live in Canada and I love it.

Pros: Canada is very cozy, friendly place. Almost everyone is welcoming and helpful, and our three largest cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are sort of melting pots of immigrants from around the world. If you are looking for places where people of different descent are welcome, Toronto and Vancouver are English-speaking cities with greatly varying ethnic groups. Montreal is similar, but with a harsher climate and French as it's primary language. All of Canada has long, harsh, Russian-like winters except for the southern Pacific coast, where Vancouver, British Columbia is situated. I believe that Vancouver also has large networks of people of all sexual orientation, as well as entire communties of immigrants from around the globe. It is a rapidly growing and promising city, and is a few hours away from the US border. Vancouver is probably Canada's most Liberal and modern city, and is advancing towards green lifestyles faster than the rest of the country. Unfortunately, I am fairly young and do not know much about our Healthcare system. If you would like to find opportunities for jobs, you should look into that yourself.

Cons: Apart from large cities and populaces, Canada is rather mono-cultural. As I mentioned before, the climate is very harsh except for souther British Columbia. Public schools have disappointingly simple courses, and much of the work leaves you not totally prepared for the real world. I think that you can find private schools and academies all across the country, where the work is much more advanced, but once again, you should also look into that yourself. On the other hand, studies show that we have some of the best Universities and Colleges in the world.

I hope this was helpful. I may have been misguided or mislead on some of my claims, so you may want to look into them yourself if you are skeptical.

Good luck!