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You would want to be careful of any advertisement in a newspaper about wanting investment partners. There are laws that would prevent this type advertisement. You might be violating security regulations in asking for funds in various media outlets.

You might want to join the local real estate investment group, become known in this group ,make known what you would like to accomplish and see if there are willing investors.

Normally an investor would want to see a track record and are leery of those that show up out of the blue and want to separate funds from people they do not know.

In answer to your question, a newspaper or ad on a web site is not the best way to approach potential

investors. Who you are seeking might think this is a potential scam, and on the other hand you could be scammed by a smart scam artist.

There are no quick methods of getting money from individuals, it take time to get to know individuals botanique at bartley price and them to know you before you would be trusted with hard earn money they have. You have to cultivate potential

investors and show you have the ability to perform as you say.

You would want to do the best job possible if you find an investor. This investor become your walking mouth piece, either good or bad. If you have done a good job without many mistakes, This person would refer your

services to friends and family.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.