austin Music Timeline (1900's

Would you want to go back to the previous only for the sake of music.. to get back to yesterday once more and re-reside these moments whenever you hear a particular monitor for the very first time? However you might be having fun with Little Stevie Surprise, and a plethora of magnificent music makers which are blasting hits out of Motown like The Temptations, the aforementioned Surpremes, The 4 Tops, Mary Wells and Marin Gaye. However they're thought of genuinelly weird groups which earn them the title psychedelic rock and as of 1966, though they are releasing singles in London, nothing has hit the U.S. Together with The Velvet Underground, that is just about the place their music stays.

Disco, and the advent of the drum machine,killed reside music for several years within the late nineteen seventies. There's a variety of music that has died and teams or artist like Jimmy Hendriks, Santana, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Buddy Miles, Steve Winwood and Visitors , Crosby, Stills, Nash and Younger, Blood, Sweat and Tears and so forth.

There were so many great bands and musicians during that point, it was handmade music, and we (and our youngsters) are nonetheless listening to this music, but who will hear in 30 or forty years to the synthetic music produced at present Boy Nash: no person! I really loved it. I can understand how individuals at this time are somewhat underwhelmed by a number of the music that is coming out.

It was a 3 day live performance to end all concerts and even rain, mud and lack of meals and medical provides did not cease the music from taking part in. In 1969 the final 12 months of the Decade that Shook the World, so many modifications had occurred in music and the charts had turn out to be so much extra ecclectic, you had your selection of artists from genres that by no means even existed before. Janis, Jim and Jimi Hendrix would now not be with us beyond 1970 and different changes would take place in various areas of music.

Good hub, nicely written and a nice evaluate of the early years however I can't be so down on at this time's music. Sufficient of my rants, I did enjoy reading your hub, come examine mine out for some of my music historical past. Thank you for coming by. You're proper, the nitwits on the radio preserve spewing out the identical old crap they're told to play when some nice music is out there and not being heard. That has been the case for a very long time and that is unlucky because most of that music would be refreshing to hear.