Unbelievable Perks of Corporate Travel Today

The question though is, can business and corporate travel sometimes be stimulated via the special treatment that these particular hotels have the ability to put out? Each time a clients are reeling in debt in fact it is in search of places to slice back, can boosting the thread count inside of the sheets, and offering a complementary glass of Moet in addition to a room upgrade really change anything? One of the more innovative stunts they’ve pulled at these hotels to possess the attention of the corporate travel sector would be the hosting this fun little contests. At one hotel, whenever you can begin to play in the initial bars for any John Lennon song within the piano into the lounge, you have a room upgrade. The Kimpton hotel chain is extremely skilled at developing these stunts. They’re just looking to promote themselves being a fun area to visit. Most of the time, installed these promotions out through Twitter for a few extra hipness.