LED Lighting For Your Office

LED lighting is getting more affordable all the time. In recent years, LED bulbs have undergone a 500% decrease in price. That is to say that some bulbs now cost as low as $10 whereas they were $50 or more in 2012. This decrease in price, in addition to the lower energy consumption costs that LED bulbs have always enjoyed, puts LED technology in a very desirable light for consumers. Let's take a look at some additional advantages that residential LED Lights can provide.

Firstly, LED lights offer technology that old bulbs simply cannot. As an example, many LED light manufacturers are producing units which can change their color. This might seem frivolous. But, holiday lights have been one of the leading uses of LEDs in the past few years. Expect to see the rise of seasonal/holiday lighting as LEDs' price continues to fall.If you're supportive of LEDs, I highly recommend a great company such as Laface and Mcgovern, Incorporated.

Another exciting trend in LED lighting is remote operation. Many LED light fixtures can be synced to your iPhone or Android device via an app. The possibilities are seemingly endless. These apps make it possible to adjust outside lights to match changing weather conditions. And obviously these apps are useful for controlling lights while homeowners are away. And so, LED lighting can become an effective tool in domestic loss prevention.

Energy Savings with LED Light Bulb

There are numerous LED lighting solutions for environmentally-minded consumers. The ability of LEDs to convert electricity to light is approximately 60% efficient. This makes LED light bulbs more mechanically efficient by a factor of 5-10! And the advantage of this isn't limited to energy consumption. LED lighting does not produce the amount of surface heat that incandescent lighting does. Safety is a concern that many people have over these new green lighting options; and for good reason. Just 3 years ago, 300,000 CFLs were recalled because of concerns about their potential for fire risk.

Lighting consumers have been hesitant to invest in LED lighting fixtures. "If you can get 4 bulbs for $2, why pay $40 for 1," is the thinking of most lighting consumers. But seeing the dramatic fall in prices, I have no doubt that LEDs will be exploding in popularity very soon.