FASTSIGNS(R) News: Signs of a Good Home

CARROLLTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Whether the apartment complex is a new development under construction, or a more established property, managers and leasing agents are constantly seeking ways to attract and make a good impression on renters seeking an apartment home.

Although there is a seemingly endless supply of print apartment guides, classified listings and websites that will assist in matching renters with properties, there is still one fundamental, yet often overlooked, component to attracting tenantssignage.

According to the Signage Sourcebook, compiled by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Signage Foundation for Communication Excellence, Inc., signs are the primary way that newcomers become aware of a business. Signs reinforce what individuals may or may not already know about a companythis is especially true for a renter seeking a new residence. Many apartment complexes have old, outdated signage, or worse, signs that are poorly designed and difficult to read. A prospective tenant may drive up, see the unsightly look of the signs and turn around before learning anything further about the complex.

Signage is an important part of a propertys appearance as well as its perceived image, said Drue Townsend, senior vice president of marketing for FASTSIGNS International. Apartment owners and managers should critically evaluate the signs and graphics they are using on a regular basis to ensure they are communicating the best possible image and message.

FASTSIGNS offers the following advice to apartment managers when considering a change in their current sign and graphics program:

What kind of image do you want your property to portraytrendy or elegant, classic or modern, country or urban? Once this has been established, use fonts, designs and color combinations that will best reflect that image. Utilize the latest in printing technology when creating the propertys signs. Design concepts, like full-color, are more affordable and accessible than ever. Exterior signs can be brighter and more eye-catching, while still remaining durable to the elements. Brainstorm other creative ways to use sign and graphics. For example, using photographs can help create a 300% greater recall. Placing illustrative images onto yard signs to advertise popular amenities like garden tubs, covered parking and walk-in closets, can help grab attention and spark the interest of passersby.

Apartment signage should be fresh and up-to-dateanything less may poorly represent the property. Make the most of that crucial first impression by keeping signs and graphics attractive and inviting. Doing so will better reflect a home sweet home to potential, future residents.

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