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There are several variations on chocolates, such as the cafe coloring. They are also of a similar size being about 10 inches tall but weigh in differently with the Pomeranian around five pounds and the Pug around 15 pounds. It is quite fun to dress up pets in different costumes during Halloween. I like the early morning walks the best. Others will dig and dig until their paws bleed. If owners must give their dog a snack, scopare ragazza it should be something healthy like an apple slice. The dog has shorter hair that does not shed as frequently. Pets can be made to look like television or movie characters like Spiderman, Superman or Batman. I quit the health club and walk Max twice a day, about 30 minutes to one hour each time we walk. Make it until you are happy with what you have! When a dog is becoming obsessive, his face and body language will visibly change. We still do however stick them up when we will be away from the residence for any length of time, but thats just me and understanding how sneaky he is. Halloween is a time to scare people. Even with the highest level, the amperage is minimal. With so much variety in clothes, if scarves, hats and other accessories are added, a new look can be created for the pet during Halloween.