He said the Italian Super Cup

We have to look for a new site and use the Kirkby funding model which involved 40% to 45% of the capital cost coming from retail uplift subsidy.I don't think there are a shortage of sites, I believe there is a shortage of funding.I think our optimum capacity is around 50,000, which generates an extra pound5m [a year]. That means its tight, it needs a great naming rights deal or subsidy, or probably both.Robert Elstone: I would welcome it, because I think the Premier League has to be bold and innovative and push the boundaries Fifa 16 Coins .

Having said that I would feel uncomfortable if it were tacked on the end of the season and was worth three points.I think it will not happen because of the context in which it fits in the calendar'Ian Ayre said: Unfortunately it becomes a media circus when we try to discuss it.It probably should not count for points and it needs to be thought through.It could be worth a European place, it could be this or that.But every time someone has an idea people get all caught up about the media coverage.Everyone needs to give the Premier League the bandwidth to work this up.

He said the Italian Super Cup final was played in China.If we are not careful other people will take the initiative and the media will kill off the opportunity by not letting it be developed.'PLANS TO EXPAND COMMERCIAL REVENUESIan Ayre: We plan to open two offices in Asia, I won't say where because we are negotiating the rent. We already have people in Singapore.We are looking at our online offering, we need to localise that. If you are a fan in Malaysia you should be able to consume products in your language and in a currency that fits.We did a lot of research into why is it that we [only] get eight million unique users coming to our website in English?Our big focus is localisation of language and product.Robert Elstone: I don't think we are on the same level of opportunity as Liverpool Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins .