Travel Packages Even First-Class Passengers Can’t Ignore

Travel packages aren’t just for budget tourists following tour guides with red umbrellas anymore. Travelers travel fujian  accustomed to five stars and first class can easily save with them, too.

The savings are real. A Nov. 21 to Nov. 28 trip to Maui from Seattle over Thanksgiving was 12% less when purchased as a package compared with a la carte. It came to $7,455 for seven fujian attraction nights at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea and $3,518 for nonstop Hawaiian Airlines flights for two people, or a total of $10,973, when booked directly at the Four Seasons and Hawaiian websites. The same trip is $20 more total when priced on Expedia.

Traveling from Boston to Miami the same week was priced last week at $4,516 if bought directly from the Loews Miami Beach andAmerican Airlines, including daily resort fees. Expedia’s prices if bought separately were slightly lower. But the Expedia package price was 12% lower: $3,968, or savings of $548.

In the first half of this year, Orbitz says packages generated $20 million in 

Airlines and hotels have gotten ningde travel bolder about pricing, Mr. Schulze says.

select the particular flights they want after selecting a hotel. Preferred airlines or nonstop flights may push the price higher, but travelers like the flexibility of choosing their flights. They can also select first-class and business-class seats, and upgrade hotel rooms before they buy.

Orbitz began offering packages gulangyu through mobile devices in August. Buying a vacation package can be complex, with lots of choices and sometimes thousands of dollars involved. But some shoppers are comfortable making a purchase like that through smartphones.