Anime, Social Media, and Pop Culture - Princess Sarah Memes

Anime, Social Media, and Pop Culture - Princess Sarah Memes

If you're a 90s kid, you've probably watched the anime Princess Sarah. It is one of Nippon Animation's most popular anime classics under its World Masterpiece Theater franchise.


The anime is based on the novel entitled A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett and had a total of 46 episodes. It tells the story of Sara Crewe, who tries to conquer her struggles in London after the untimely death of her wealthy father. Ever since she became an orphan, Miss Minchin (the caretaker of the boarding school where Sarah was staying) forced her to do household chores such as washing clothes, mopping floors, and peeling potatoes. Despite experiencing this kind of hardship from Miss Minchin and the evil manipulative blonde girl named Lavinia Herbert, Sarah was able to make friends with some people in the boarding school, like Lottie Leigh and the young maid, Becky.


Princess Sarah Memes

In the Philippines, screenshots of the Princess Sarah anime with funny and pop culture captions appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, on social media sites starting in September of 2014. It was like a "comment combo breaker" for every conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Due to their increasing popularity among Filipino netizens, those screenshots soon caught the local media's attention and officially became an Internet meme. The level of its early popularity almost surpassed another popular Philippine meme and Internet personality, Senyora Santibanez.


One of the most popular images and captions that got Princess Sarah Memes into the Pinoy Internet trending radar was a picture of Sarah and Becky (the latter was facing the former) as Sarah had a smile on her face holding what seems to be Patatas (a potato) with the caption "Tama na yan Becky, Magbabalat pa tayo ng patatas" (That's enough Becky, we still have to peel some potatoes).


Although Princess Sarah is an old anime, social media and pop culture were able to resurrect this classic anime and reminded people of how much they loved the series.