Traffic pole with LED show Zhoushan's first variable guide lane enabled

Attentive readers or have already been discovered close to Dinghai Chang Chang Island Avenue and State Road intersection south to north path, targeted traffic sign poles above the second lane there is a LED screen, an arrow on the screen is constantly lit the lamp. What exactly is this?


Targeted traffic police comrades stated, this is the indicator variable guide lane, the lane is beneath the corresponding variable guide lanes. From September 19, this variable guide lane officially opened. (led traffic signs)


Zhoushan City traffic police detachment staff mentioned, is usually a variable guide lane in cities has been to promote the usage of site visitors handle technologies. Merely speaking, this can be the path of travel lanes will not be fixed, but will adjust as outlined by traffic conditions and adjustments, at times via lanes, at times left-turn lane.


But you don't must be concerned that it'll adjust frequently, as this variable guide lane Dinghai Chang Chang Island Avenue and State Road intersection inside the morning and evening peak hours of site visitors congestion or the want for manual intervention, the police command and control center is going to be by means of remote control technologies, arrow guide LED screen changed to a left-oriented arrow, it becomes second lane left-turn lane. Other instances as well as the directions for the straight lane.


Presently, Chang Chang Island Avenue and State Road intersection second lane marking on the ground straight guide has been canceled and replaced by jagged variable lane, above the road is also set to complete a switchable LED guide arrow indicators, forming a total variable lane technique. (variable message signs)


When persons drive by way of this intersection, spend special consideration to the direction of forward travel guide LED indicated by the arrows, pick out the lane ahead of time, in accordance with guide the path of the arrow with