Xiaomi Mi4c Root / Rom Download / Add Google Service

Xiaomi Mi4c maybe now the most popular China Phone, according to the Chinese Phones Policy, there always does not have Google Service on it. Also, you have to Root your device once if you want to add Google Service. Let's check with this guide of Xiaomi Mi4c Root and install the Google Service.



1. Make sure your phone is Xiaomi Mi4c (Click here to check the specification, the flash file on this guide is only for Xiaomi Mi4c).

2. Make sure the power is over 50%.

3. Data will be all deleted once you flash the Rom, so please backup your data before you flash.

4. Please read this guide first and then try.   Xiaomi Mi4c Root Root Steps:

1. Please Xiaomi Official Website to download the newest Developer Rom for Xiaomi Mi4c, also, we have put the rom link at the end of the passage.

2. Connect your device to the Windows PC/laptop via a micro USB cable, and copy the ROM file downloaded in Step 1 into the internal storage of your device.

3. Launch ‘Updater' app on your device, Click the ‘…’ icon at the top-right corner, select ‘Choose update package’, and choose the ROM file you’ve put in internal storage in Step 2.

4. After choosing the right ROM file, your device will begin upgrading. Your device should automatically boot to the new version when the update is completed.

5. The phone is fully Rooted when the flash is done, please go to the Security Center App- Permission- Root Permission to manage your App Permission.


Add Google Service Steps:

1. Connect your phone to WIFI.

2. Install the FCT Google Service Install.apk to your phone, click it to run. If it shows update, please update this app to the newest version.

3. Follow the pictures above to install the Google Service.

Notice: This Method is also suitable for other Android phones with Root Permission.

Xiaomi Mi4C Root 7

Files Download:

1. Developer Rom for Xiaomi Mi4c (Click here to download directly or click here to go Xiaomi Official Website to download).

2. FCT Google Service Install.apk (Click here to download).

Now the Xiaomi Mi4c is Rooted and the Google Service is installed. If you have any question about Xiaomi Mi4c Root and Google Service, please leave me messages here and we will reply as soon as possible.