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The other issue that is of concern today is the rise in homosexuality. This moment is used to set in motion the starting of the second act. The 10th house shows pilgrimage to holy places or journey on duty). Its important to understand that everything she thought she knew in her life and about you, your integrity, your trustworthiness and your love has just been turned upside down in her world. Then it no more remains a simple and healthy stress it becomes a disease and must be treated. A climax is whereby there is a turning point usually donne da scopare depicting change. Talk to people more and more and the problem will disappear. Because hes probably as confused about his feelings as you are. One, is the issue that the three marriages may not last; this has a relationship with many marriages nowadays which we see ending in divorce. Solve the Problem Write three possible solutions to a problem. It indicates places of entertainment. This simply isnt true. Write everything giving a serial number. Research students can verify.) 5th house indicates short journeys. His gains or loss is shown by the planet with which lord of 5 is conjoined or by which it is expected.